Day 31: practice

I took this great build a bike class at West Town Bikes. It took a lot of practice and I learned a lot. I was absolutely devastated when that bike was stolen years later from the back stairwell of our apartment.

Day 29: slice

The Chicago River slices through the city. I get to enjoy this view on my walk into the office each day!

Day 28: prompt

I love these bike counters and wish we would get a few in Chicago. Maybe they would prompt more people to consider bike commuting.

Day 26: instrument

I love live music. One of the things I missed most during the pandemic was going to concerts. I’m making up lost time this year with many shows on the books.

Day 25: spice

I highly recommend having a spice drawer instead of a spice rack. With this method it is much easier to quickly find the spices you need.

Day 24: court

Taken seven years ago as a brand new attorney outside the Federal courthouse in Chicago. (I’ve matured and don’t make that stupid face anymore…)

Day 22: insect

I took this photo while waiting for the train home from work in 2021. It’s one of two photos of insects in my photo library. The other photo is also of a monarch butterfly.