Elvis (2022)

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Format: Movie

I didn’t love Elvis (Letterboxd). The first half of the movie wasn’t good, but it got better in the second half. Casting Tom Hanks as the Colonel Tom Parker was a terrible choice. He just didn’t fit the role.

Triangle of Sadness

Rating: ★★★★☆
Format: Movie

I loved Triangle of Sadness (Letterboxd) on a lot of different levels. There were so many layers to the plot and great commentary on society and wealth. The film was both fun to watch and lead to a lot of analysis and discussion.


I especially loved that they ended up being “stranded” on an island with a luxury resort. That reframed all of the absurdity from the prior scenes, such as the killing of the animal.

The scene with the captain and the Russian, the “American communist and Russian captialist” was chef’s kiss.

My interpretation of the ending: Abigail killed Yaya, then went back to tell the group there was an “accident”. That’s why we saw Carl running through the woods. Alternatively, I think that Carl found out about the resort when the man selling souvenirs walked down the beach and he was on his way to get Abigail.

Day 31: practice

I took this great build a bike class at West Town Bikes. It took a lot of practice and I learned a lot. I was absolutely devastated when that bike was stolen years later from the back stairwell of our apartment.

Day 29: slice

The Chicago River slices through the city. I get to enjoy this view on my walk into the office each day!

Day 28: prompt

I love these bike counters and wish we would get a few in Chicago. Maybe they would prompt more people to consider bike commuting.

Day 26: instrument

I love live music. One of the things I missed most during the pandemic was going to concerts. I’m making up lost time this year with many shows on the books.

Day 25: spice

I highly recommend having a spice drawer instead of a spice rack. With this method it is much easier to quickly find the spices you need.